Private Tutoring


We run small classes for our students, but from time to time we also organise one-on-one tuition for our students in cases where:

  • An student who join us mid of the term.
  • An enrolled student needs additional support to catch up to where our classes are.
  • An student who need to cover missed topics.
  • For exceptional circumstances where our classes are not suitable
  • We also offer private tutoring as a standalone service.
Terms of Use
  • If you are our enrolled termly or yearly student and would like additional private tutoring, please first call us on 1300 771 908 or email us on [email protected] to get an indication of availability.
  • Unlike our weekly classes, we do not give a free trial lesson for one-on-one private tutoring, but we have the First Lesson Money Back Guarantee for one-on-one private tutoring. If you are not happy after the first lesson, we can offer a full refund if they return the resources before the second lesson.
  • We charge $60 per hour for one on one tuition for grade 10, $70 for grade 11 and $80 for grade 12. Fees must be paid in advance.
  • All the private tutoring sessions are held at our centre – we do not send our tutors to your home or local library.
Feel free to contact us to book your One-on-One Private Tutoring!