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Expert HSC Tutors
Our tutors are a mix of qualified teachers, Ph.D candidates with a passion for education and high achieving university students who received state-ranks and high ATARs in their HSC. They have years of experience teaching these subjects with incredible results.

Result Based Tuition
Maxx Academy’s qualified tutors educate our students with passion. We know how to organize our time effectively. Tutoring the right topics at the right time. We believe that to ensure the best results, we must attend to the needs of each individual student.

Small Classes
We are highly focused on individual attention so our classes are small (i.e. 6 students) and we are constantly adapting our teaching techniques based on the particular student's needs. Our tutors are able to work with students in a much smaller teacher-to-student ratio than classroom dynamics allow.

Individual Workshops
We take care individual students’ needs as we know 100 students have 100 different needs. The mission of all our passionate tutors, who are qualified professionals, is to inspire our students to gain the essential skills and confidence to achieve exceptional results in their HSC.

Tailored Course Materials
All teaching materials, homework sets and exam preparation materials are carefully designed by our head teachers. We source past exam questions from top selective and private schools along with past HSC papers.

Intensive Courses
Our HSC courses consist of 10 lessons. We cover the whole module in the 8 lessons, so that we are 2 weeks ahead of school each term. The 8th lesson is revision of difficult topics. In the 9th and 10th, students sit our HSC-style exams and receive feedback.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Chatswood, North Shore, NSW. Please check our contact us page.

Yes correct! Although our students get priority, our events are generally open to the public and are FREE! These events may be crash courses, interview workshops, seminars, or trial examinations. The best way to stay informed about these events and opportunities is to check our events page or like our Facebook page.


Currently we offer:


  • Year 10 English
  • Year 11 English Advanced
  • Year 12 English Advanced


  • Year 10 Mathematics
  • Year 11 Mathematics Advanced (2U)
  • Year 11 Mathematics Extension 1 (3U)
  • Year 12 Mathematics Advanced (2U)
  • Year 12 Mathematics Extension 1 (3U)
  • Year 12 Mathematics Extension 2 (4U)


  • Year 10 Science
  • Year 11 Physics
  • Year 12 Physics


  • Year 10 Science
  • Year 11 Chemistry
  • Year 12 Chemistry


  • Year 11 Economics
  • Year 12 Economics


  • Year 11 Biology
  • Year 12 Biology

Please check our subjects page or our term courses page. Besides, we also offer holiday courses and HSC examination preparation courses.

Maxx Academy employs a strong academic team consisting of state ranking tutors with an extremely high ATAR, or current high school teachers who are experienced with HSC marking, teaching and curriculum design. In addition to being tutors to our students, they act as role models, showing our students where their future could lead with the right guidance and effort.

Our tutors provide focused guidance on exactly what they need to know and how to perform in exams in order to maximize their exam marks.

The new syllabuses for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry have officially been released.

Physics and Chemistry will have the first HSC in 2019, while Mathematics will start the new syllabus in Year 11, 2018.

Our Resources Team have been actively developing the new course whilst liaising with N.E.S.A. (formerly BOSTES) throughout the process. In addition, our Teaching & Learning Team have been preparing for the new syllabus for over a year with our teaching staff undergoing extensive training in the new syllabus content and structure.

You can rest assured that our staff and resources are good to go in time for the new syllabus. Our teachers and tutors have also been undergoing extensive training in preparation for the changes. Click here to read more.


No. No joining fees, no administration fees, nothing silly like that. Just one term fee each term. Please check our pricing page.

No, you won’t need to buy anything else (textbooks etc). All course materials, classwork and homework will be provided to you. As a student, you will also gain access to our collection of past papers and theory notes.

Free Trial

Yes we do. Our two week free trial lessons is a free complete class we offer to all new students. You will meet your future teacher and classmates in person and have a taste of what the lessons will be like before you enroll with us. Please check our free trial page.

Attend the free trial lesson to see how our courses are run and how your results improve! You can decide whether to join us for the whole term or whole year after the free trial class.

If the class you are going to attend is full, we will try our best to offer you some alternative classes.

Resources required for the free trial lesson such as student booklet(s) will be provided before the lesson. However you need to return it to us after the trial lesson. The whole course material booklets will be provided upon your termly or yearly enrollment only.

We’re very confident you're going to love studying with us, but we won't put you on the spot! - have a talk with your parents when you get home and simply let us know when you're ready to join us for the term. The available seats are limited so you need to be hurry.


We accept cash, credit card, PayPal, direct deposit, cheques and money order. Unless otherwise arranged with a branch manager, you must pay in full before your first lesson (excluding your free trial lesson).

We accept cash payments at the reception desk.

Credit cards
A 1.5% surcharge applies with this payment method. You can pay with your credit card in person at our reception desk, or over the phone, or by emailing us a request, as well as you can pay online through our website.

You can pay with your PayPal account online through our website.

Direct deposit (includes internet banking, visiting our branch etc)
Contact us to get our bank details such as account name, BSB and account number.

Cheques / Money order
All payments must be made out to Maxx Academy Pty Ltd. Cheques can be given to us in person, or mailed. If mailing a cheque, please give us a call to let us know. Please send all cheques / money orders to: Suite 503, Level 5, 71-73 Archer Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067

Please call us on 1300 771 908 if you have any questions.

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