Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Maxx Academy values our staff and client confidentiality and only uses personal information for its own purposes.

Collecting Students’ Personal Information

Maxx Academy collects student details when the student submits those details to Maxx Academy either online or by fax, post or email. These details are stored within Maxx Academy’s secure database system. The details collected may include the student’s full name, address, phone and fax numbers and email address. Maxx Academy may also collect the student’s financial details (including but not limited to credit card details). Collecting personal details is necessary so that Maxx Academy can continue to provide a safe, secure and communicative environment on site. Once Maxx Academy has verified a student’s details the individual has the option of adopting a pseudonym by reference.

Using a Student’s Personal Information

Generally, Maxx Academy uses a student’s personal information for its activities and operations, and in its efforts to expand and improve upon Maxx Academy activities and operations.  Examples include:

  • To respond to and process requests such as for information about Maxx Academy’s courses, or to enrol students in a course;
  • To discuss additional products and services Maxx Academy offers;
  • To administer and manage Maxx Academy’s courses, including recording details of progress of a student through a course and results achieved, and providing information to regulatory bodies or government agencies;
  • To confirm a student’s identify, such as when they contact Maxx Academy with an inquiry;
  • To notify a student of any changes to Maxx Academy’s courses;
  • To measure and assess customer service and analyse customer purchasing preferences;
  • To amend records to remove personal information;
  • For other every-day business purposes that involve use of personal information.

Maxx Academy may make changes to its privacy policy, and will publish it here. We will not circulate it other than at this link on our website, and it is your responsibility to check the policy for up-dates.