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Get a head start and stay one step ahead of the NSW school curriculum. So you will gain an unfair advantage over your peers.

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$570 per term

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  • At Maxx Academy we teach Year 10 Maths ahead of your school.
  • Our schedule of topics may vary as we may modify our course year to year for continual improvement.
  • 10 weekly lessons each term for Year 10 Maths tutoring program which covering every single BOSTES syllabus dot-point.
  • Developed and designed by our NESA experts.

1.5 hours Lesson Breakdown

15 mins

Teachers revise previous lesson and answer homework questions before the class quiz.

60 mins

Theory Lesson
Teachers expain concepts, summaries, study notes, example questions and worked solutions.

15 mins

Need to clarify something? Ask our teachers anything and get the best advice/explanation.


30 mins per week

Free One-to-One Workshop
We provide 30 mins per week FREE One-to-One Workshop Tutorial support at our centre.

Meet Your Teachers

Maxx Academy consists of over 20 qualified teachers, Ph.D candidates and talented, young teachers who work across a number of subjects, supporting and working with students in a range of areas
Piv Huot | Head of Maths

Piv Huot | Head of Maths

NESA ST 1 | HSC Senior Marker | HSC Assistant Supervisor of Marking | B.Sc., Dip. Ed., M.Bus.

B. Sc. (Pure Maths & Chemistry)  – Monash University
Dip. ED. – Flinders University of South Australia
B. Bus. (Accounting) – Swinburne University of Technology
Master of Leadership (Business) – University of New England
Graduate Diploma in Science – University of New England
Senior Teacher 1 – NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)
HSC Senior Marker – NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)
HSC Assistant Supervisor of Marking – Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES)

● Experienced over 30 years teaching Mathematics from Year 7 to Year 12 including Mathematics Extension 2
● Head Teacher of Mathematics for over ten years in Independent and Catholic schools
● Experienced in judging and HSC marking in Mathematics Extension 1 and 2
● Involved in running Mathematics Competition, mentoring Mathematics Challenge and Enrichment
● Assessor and examiner Trail examination for Mathematics, Extension 1 and 2 for Publisher
● Assessor for the New Senior Mathematics textbooks for Mathematics, Extension 1 and 2

Dr Dion Khlentzos | Head of Maths

Dr Dion Khlentzos | Head of Maths

EX Barker College Maths Teacher | PhD, B.Sc Hons, BA, Dip. Ed

PhD (Education – Western Sydney University)
B.Sc Hons (Psychology – Macquarie University)
BA, Dip. Ed (Mathematics – University of Sydney)

Dion is an experienced educator and manager, having taught Mathematics at Barker College Hornsby for 10 years and a further six years for James An coaching colleges. Dion most recently had the role of Program Director of the Counselling courses for a tertiary provider Laureate Education. In that role Dion was responsible for managing four courses, 30 lecturers and 600 students, and previously lectured in the Master of Counselling & Applied Psychotherapy course.

Nadya DeBeers | Senior Maths Teacher

Nadya DeBeers | Senior Maths Teacher

University of California, Berkeley | BA

BA (Pure Mathematics- University of California, Berkeley)
Teaching Fellowship (Santa Rosa Junior College)
Nadya’s Tutoring (Sydney, Australia)

Nadya is an experienced educator who has a genuine passion for learning and teaching mathematics with the goal of helping students understand and see the beauty of the often daunting subject. She’s taught college algebra and business calculus at the Santa Rosa Junior College, tutored in all college courses offered in the Santa Rosa Junior College Maths Lab, and had been tutoring year three up to year twelve students since arriving in Sydney, including HSC preparation. Most recently, Nadya has been managing her own tutoring company in Sydney and tutoring a variety of students. As someone who has taught inside and outside of the classroom, Nadya understands the needs of students post-school lessons and is excited to help!

Zarnab Kanwal | Maths Teacher

Zarnab Kanwal | Maths Teacher

Singapore High School Teacher | BA

Bachelor of Engineering – Bahria University
Higher Secondary School Certificate (Secured overall A* Grade) – Indus College

Zarnab completed her bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering with majors in electronics. She has been teaching High school Maths for over 4 years in Singapore and Sydney. She developed a passion of teaching in high school. Zarnab enjoys helping students with Maths. She has a positive attitude and a passion to assist and motivate struggling learners. She drives students to develop a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts.

Zarnab “I believe Mathematics is a beautiful thing to learn and an incredibly useful tool no matter what career path the student intends to take”.

Aidan Williams | Maths, English Teacher

Aidan Williams | Maths, English Teacher

Macquarie University

Aidan Williams is an 18 year old University student studying a double degree of business administration and law at Macquarie Uni.  He is passionate about traveling, piano, law and books. He enjoys teaching people and watching them grow and learn as people and as students.

Benjamin Pick | Maths, Chemistry, English, Physics Teacher

Benjamin Pick | Maths, Chemistry, English, Physics Teacher

UNSW Computer Science

Ben is currently enrolled in Computer Science at UNSW, looking to major in Cyber Security. During his time at Newington College, He succeeded in Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Physics, and Chemistry, providing foundations for teaching year 10 to HSC. He prefers smaller groups of people to teach, as it allows for more personalized sharing of knowledge, where problems can be tackled individually. Apart from hobbies including running, sports and traveling, He loves teaching and helping people achieve their goals.

Hamish Mishra | Maths, English Teacher

Hamish Mishra | Maths, English Teacher

University of Technology | BA

University of Technology, Sydney Australia
Bachelor of Business with Distinction in Economics
Bachelor of Laws with Second Class Honours (LLB) – Graduated 2014
• GPA: 3.0

University of Zurich Switzerland
Exchange Program: Law September 2013 – December 2014
• Relevant Coursework: European Economic Law, Economics and the Law, Comparative Civil Procedure, Comparative Private Law, International Organisations

Hamish graduated from Parramatta Marist in 2008 having being recognised with a Premier’s Award. He excelled in Mathematics (2U and Extension I), English (Advanced), Business Studies, Legal Studies, Information Process Technology and Religion (1U).

Hamish subsequently studied at UTS and the University of Zurich graduating with a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Economics) with Distinction and Bachelor Laws with Honors.

He has worked both at a Big 4 professional services firm and is currently working as a Lawyer at a big 6 international business law firm.

Keanu Crous | Maths, Physics Teacher

Keanu Crous | Maths, Physics Teacher


Keanu has been tutoring since high school due to his passion for both Mathematics and teaching. Now a Mathematics Major at UNSW, he works passionately as an experienced tutor at Maxx Academy.

Terry Luo | Maths, Physics, Chemistry Teacher

Terry Luo | Maths, Physics, Chemistry Teacher


Terry is a graduate of Ryde Secondary College currently studying a dual degree in Engineering/Advanced Science at UNSW. He has had a passion for teaching since high school, creating and participating in a peer tutoring after-school program during his HSC year, and teaching at several other tutoring centres in his past. Terry spends his spare time as a youth leader at his local church, hoping to help students in ways beyond their education.

Eason Xia | Economics, Maths, English, Chemistry Teacher

Eason Xia | Economics, Maths, English, Chemistry Teacher

UNSW | ATAR 99.40

Eason is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies/Commerce degree at UNSW, achieving an ATAR of 99.40 in 2017. He has been tutoring for nearly a year, helping students achieve their desired marks while also assisting in making the learning process entertaining. Now, Eason carries on this passion at Maxx Academy, hoping to help students overcome the hurdle known as HSC.

ATAR: 99.40

Wendy Li | Maths, Chemistry Teacher

Wendy Li | Maths, Chemistry Teacher

Pymble Ladies' College Full Scholarship Winner | ATAR 99.80


Joyce Wu | Maths, Chemistry, Economics, English Teacher

Joyce Wu | Maths, Chemistry, Economics, English Teacher

Pymble Ladies' College Full Scholarship Winner | ATAR 99.85


Melissa Qiu | English, Maths Teacher

Melissa Qiu | English, Maths Teacher

University of Sydney | Double degree Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Dental Medicine | ATAR 99.80

Melissa is a graduate from North Sydney Girls High School and is now looking to study a double degree Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Dental Medicine in University of Sydney, achieving an ATAR of 99.80. She has been a tutor for 2 years and has a passion for motivating and supporting students. Her drive, determination and positive attitude throughout her own HSC is reflected through her teaching, helping students strive for their best and excel in their subjects.

ATAR: 99.80

Elaine Wang | Maths Teacher

Elaine Wang | Maths Teacher

UNSW | State Ranking 8th in Maths 3U | ATAR 99.70

• Graduated from Meriden school in 2018 (Meriden rank 12th in NSW in 2018)
• Currently studying bachelor of computer engineering (Hons) / commerce at UNSW
• 2018 ATAR 99.70
• Maths extension 1 – 100/100 8th in NSW
• Maths extension 2 – 95/100
• Chemistry – 93/100 Physics – 92/100
• High distinction in AMC in Yr11
• Received prize of ‘first in maths’ and the academic prize when graduation
• Rank the first in maths at school from Yr 11 to Yr 12
State Ranking 8th in Maths 3U

ATAR: 99.70

Raymond Su  | Maths, Chemistry, Economics Teacher

Raymond Su | Maths, Chemistry, Economics Teacher

UNSW | ATAR: 99.85

Raymond is a graduate from North Sydney Boys High School, currently in his first year of studies in UNSW’s Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine degree, having achieved an ATAR of 99.85. He has a strong passion for motivating students and a thorough depth of knowledge which he passes on through effective explanation and engaging teaching. His determination and commitment are reflected in his teaching as he endeavours to support students in achieving their best.

ATAR: 99.85

Year 10 Maths Timetable

10 weekly lessons each term for Year 10 Maths

Chatswoord Branch

Archer Centre, Suite 503, Level 5, 71-73 Archer Street, Chatswood



What our Year 10 Maths students receive?

Welcome to the most productive 2 hours (1.5 hours lesson plus 0.5 hour workshop) of your week
Small Classes

With an average of 6 students, you will have more time with your teacher. Discuss your progress and problem areas, and they’ll tailor their teaching to your needs.

Comprehensive Materials

Tutoring course materials (concept explanations, summaries, study notes, example questions, worked solutions and exam-style homework) are provided each week in the form of a theory and homework booklet.

Exam style Homework

Our exam style homework is expected to be completed and will be fully marked each week, with comments detailing every point of improvement.

End of Term Topic Test

Topic Tests administered at the end of each major topic, with marks and vital statistics reported in the End of Term report.

Free One-to-One Workshop Tutorials

Each individual workshop tutorials is a 30-minute one to one session with a experienced teacher. During these 30 minutes, you can ask any questions, you might need some help with your school work or you might want to learn some new knowledge. Available 7 days outside school hours.

Online Resources & Learning Community

Login to our SIS&LMS portal you can access our online learning resources including videos, exam style homeworks and past HSC papers. Also we provide a social learning platform to enhance and encourage teacher to student and student to student interaction.

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Hours of Free one-to-one Workshop every term


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Pages of study notes, classwork and homework


Exam style class quizzes with review and solutions

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$570 per term
15 hours lesson + 5 hours workshop

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